Imagine having a seven-figure year and finally having a big enough marketing budget to produce a commercial for your practice, bringing in even more patients into your office. Imagine having a good enough year to give your whole staff a bonus or to take everyone out for a celebratory dinner. Imagine not just surviving in business, but thriving.

I want to help you make these visions a reality. By signing up for coaching with me, you will learn how you and your practice can not only meet your goals but exceed them. Click the button below to take your first step toward transforming your practice!


  • Two 90-minute video calls per month with Dr. Duncan: All calls are recorded so you can keep a record of everything we discuss and have access to that information when you need it. 

  • Post-call emails. A post-call email will be sent after each coaching session containing action items and goals to be addressed before the next call.

  • Flexibility. When you partner with me, I am in it for the long run with you. That's why I offer 6-month and 12-month packages. I am here to walk with you step by step either for half or a whole year so we can get your practice where you want it to be. 

  • Email access. As part of either coaching package, you will have access to me via email in between calls in case there are any questions we didn't cover, you need clarity on a specific concept, or as issues arise in your own practice. 


Coaching Package


12-Month Coaching Package



I’ll share all of the strategies and techniques I’ve used to build two chiropractic offices that each generate $1 million in annual revenue. In one-on-one coaching, I can also help you make sure that you’re correctly applying those strategies and techniques in your own office.

Since I am still actively involved in my own practice, my time is limited and thus my rates are not cheap. If you’re interested, click the button to apply.


If you’re a successful chiropractor looking to grow your business and aiming to reach seven-figure revenues or more, then consider applying for private one-on-one coaching with me.