My name is Dr. Mary Frances Duncan, and I am a chiropractor in Greenville, South Carolina. I have owned and operated my own chiropractic practice for almost a decade. My practice employs more than 20 team members and has two locations, both of which generate over a million dollars in revenue each year. I am a proud native of Greer, South Carolina, where I was born and raised. I attended Furman University in Greenville, and upon graduating from Furman, I attended the Florida campus of Palmer College of Chiropractic.



I founded Simply Southern Chiropractic Center immediately after graduating from Palmer College of Chiropractic - Florida Campus in 2015, with no employees, no experience, and only an idea of how to run a business. In my first three years in practice, I learned so many lifelong lessons about business that I wish someone had been able to teach me. Over the last several years, I’ve learned even more about how to grow a practice and then how to take those principles and scale my business by opening another location.



Million Dollar Chiro is a consulting company whose goal is to help chiropractors with existing chiropractic practices significantly increase their revenue, and to help grow chiropractic as a profession. I created Million Dollar Chiro to help chiropractors with existing practices grow their businesses to a minimum of $1M in annual collections and achieve their financial and professional goals. Through my online courses and individual coaching offerings, I hope to impart some of those lessons onto current practice owners who are looking to grow their existing practice and those who want to open a second or even third location.



I am confident that the materials in my courses will help you achieve your goals. These are hard-won lessons from years of trial and error, and I am happy to share them with others who share my belief in the transformative benefits of chiropractic and who share my interest in entrepreneurship. These are not “tips” or “tricks” or “hacks,” or anything designed to produce big changes in a short time period. These lessons, combined with the requisite hard work and focus in implementing them, are geared toward producing sustained growth over the coming months and years. Following these strategies has helped me build my practice into what it is today, and I firmly believe that they can be beneficial for your practice as well!


When I am not adjusting patients or managing my team at Simply Southern, you can most likely find me traveling somewhere new, going to the beach somewhere in the Carolinas, eating good seafood, and relaxing while listening to Dave Matthews Band, Kenny Chesney, and Van Morrison – my preferred “chill” artists.